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2019 Mrs Hall.jpg
Eunice Hall
Principal – MSc, Dip Tching

Independent Thinking

What you think matters. The challenge to live an independent Kiwi life starts in your mind. We teach you how to reach your own conclusions, so you shape your own life, find your independence and keep it.

‘Education is your licence to bring change into the world. What shape that change may take and how you handle it will be the measure of your character. The bright flame of success is seldom a result of spontaneous combustion. You must stir up the fire yourself.’*

*Dr James Watson, MSc, PhD; 1943 – 2017.  Adapted from ‘Jinny’s Story’, 2017, Stringy Bark.

Independent Assessment

ATEA College is a Cambridge International school. Since 2003, our students have been gaining university entrance through the Cambridge qualification pathway  We offer full time students the full Cambridge qualification pathway. From their first years, students are taught from the Cambridge Primary, Lower Secondary (pre-IGCSE), IGCSE or A Level programmes.

Each student has an individual learning plan tailored to their needs. The core subjects are English, Mathematics, Science, History and Bible, and other courses expand strengths and interests.


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