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Sometimes, all it takes is just a little extra support to get the breakthrough you need.

ATEA College offers focussed after school tuition. Our current sessions focus on ‘face-to-face’ tutoring of the core competencies, Mathematics, English and Science.

Our tutors are registered teachers with experience and expertise in making complex ideas simple.. 

Tuition is offered in one of two sessions: 3:30-4:30pm and 4.30-5.30pm, Monday to Friday. Lessons must be booked in blocks of at least five.  Each student will be given a tutoring homework book for any take-home work.


Fees for this tuition can be found on our Fees page. There may be an additional fee of $25 for resource, depending on the course taken.


Parents are welcome to sit in on the sessions and can be briefed after each lesson.

Weekly tuition in Ukulele or Art (group tuition), or Guitar or Bass (individual tuition) may be available.  Please ask.

Public buses and the Panmure Train station are in easy walking distance. 

1. Can my child bring homework from school?

We encourage you to bring school work that your child is struggling with, or if your child’s teacher wants to give information on what they would appreciate us to work on, we are open to that as well.


2. Can I choose which tutor my child will work with? 

No. We will keep an eye on the overall direction and strategy for enhancing your child’s tuition, and will ensure tutors are working towards goals for your child.  If you wish to book a particular tutor, you may need to speak to us about the cost of booking a specific tutor in a one to one session.  


3. What if my child misses a lesson. Can I get a refund?

Unfortunately, we cannot refund missed lessons. If you know you are going to be away on a certain week, please inform us when you book your set of five lessons.

Frequently Asked Questions:

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